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Roots to stars creates custom one of a kind mala prayer beads in relationship to your chakras. Each are made with 108 gemstones, hand-tied, and charged with mantra and reiki. Free Chakra readings available at the booth.


Misha, owner of roots to stars is a reiki master/teacher, intuitive and life coach in Minnesota



Rahbi Crawford Transformational Music

Come and experience music as vibrational medicine.  Crystal bowls and acoustic instruments are combined to create relaxation, stillness and energy flow.  This allows for greater brain wave activity to un-program past injuries and bring healing to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of our being.  

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Earth Wisdom®

Earth Wisdom sells exquisite silk and velvet beaded and non-beaded jackets in regular sizes and plus sizes up to 5x. 

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Nature's Creations

Find stone jewelry, creams, oils, salt lamps and singing bowls.

Curious Elements

Find jewelry, 3D wall art, stained glass and seated massage.



Wind Water Harmony

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grateful dowsing

Find sacred sounds, Himalayan singing bowls, Ting-Sha's crystals, CD's, Dowsing Rodes and Cures. Also find the Amethyst Biomat.

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Namaste Therapy

Find crystals and stones.  

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First Choice Massage, Susan Raye

Foot, chair and table massage.  

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Venus Rising Jewelry

One of a kind beaded jewelry with Goddess, earth, Pagan themes.  

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Castle Art & Import LLC

Henna body art & supplies, moonstone, labradorite & larimar jewelry.  

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blue Lip Sisters

Rice Cozies for warmth/aching muscles; Native American crafts (rattles, talking sticks, smudge feathers, hair & body adornments) and supplies (sage & shells for smudging); essential oil necklaces; paper mache necklaces; earrings.


CD ARTbooks- music with accompanying "fill in the blank" contemplative storybook. 

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MN Satsang Society

ECKANKAR, Ancient Wisdom for Today - Come discover the spiritual adventure of a lifetime;  You are Soul.  Soul exists because God loves It.  We explore topics such as Past Lives, Dreams, and Soul Travel, and how to break the karmic cycle of reincarnation.  Spiritual techniques and free materials offered.  People of all faiths are welcome.

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Turned by Dave

Turned wood items including bowls, boxes etc. Quilted items such as table runners, mug rugs etc. Perhaps a few pine needle coiled baskets.

Purple Apple Arts

Prayer Beads, Labyrinths, Spiritual Art.

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Mission 21

Local Anti-Trafficking service provider for youth survivors of sex trafficking in SEMN and statewide.

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Collections of handcrafted Indo-western artisan jewelry and organic vegan soaps are designed keeping nature’s elements in mind. Every piece is handmade specializing in bead and stone accented copper. Techniques used - wire-wrapping, sheet metal work, wire weaving, wire crochet, wire knitting, cold and hot connections, enamel, patinating, fold-forming, embossing, and etching. Most chains, cords, ear wires, bails, and closures are handmade. Also work with clients on custom designs.

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My items are knit, crochet, or otherwise handmade crafts that are one-of-a-kind items designed and created by me including scarfs, shawls, blankets, sweaters, hats, mittens, socks, christmas trees, etc.

Natural Balance for Life

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sonia rose

Energy Worker, Psychic Medium, Reiki Master

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Simple Soaps for Simple Folks

Handcrafted goat milk soaps in unique molded shapes, solid hand lotions, lip butters all made with certified organic base oils and lots of love.

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Garden of the Heart

Akashic Record Readings


Don't Judge a Book- Recycled Creations by Melissa Eggler

All creations are made with recycled, reclaimed or cast away items. Specializing in handcrafted crocheted mandalas and up-cycled fabric creations.

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A New Beginning, LLC

Cody will be offering 15 minute healing sessions with psychic readings and Matt will be offering chair massages.

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4 Angel Creations

4 Angels Creations is a spiritual companionship based in Christianity and focused on prayer, Spiritual Direction, Spiritual Art Therapy, and the making of angels, crosses, sacred art, aromatherapy and comfort-based gifts made at home and studio in NE Minneapolis.

2- and 3-dimensional angels and other sacred art, including crosses, Hamsas, and shrines.

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Mystical Creations

Mystical Creations offers magical gifts for the self and others. We have magic kits, jewelry, crystals and talismans. We also feature healing blankets, balance mats for energy work, and magic pillows.



Spiritual Readings:

The Spirit has good things to tell you that bring peace to your soul. Let us share them with you.


Your dreams originate from different sources: self, lie and truth. The Spirit guides us to the truth about the dream, regardless of the source. Come and have your dreams explained.

Integrated Wellness Minnesota

Mind/Body Work, Integrated Health Care

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Pathways to Peace

Angel Card readings by Julie Joyce. For more information, visit

Nalu Float

Himalayan Salt Lamps, T-shirts, discussion of float therapy, sale of Muse (a meditative aide).  Diffusers.

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The Wellspring/Access Bars

What are the Access Bars(R) How can gently touching 32 points on the head offer possibilities of ease, joy, and glory for you, your body, the earth? Enjoy sort "taster" sessions of this dynamic modality.

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The Conscious Nurse Academy

Coaching and mentoring to nurses and Passion Test and Success Coaching workshops for women.

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Between the Worlds

Tarot readings, book and all things Tarot.

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Seek within You

Become the best version of yourself by healing your mind, body and spirit and releasing that which holds you back. See yourself in a new light through the process of meditation, strengthening communication with your inner guides and shifting your subconscious mind. Learn more about life-changing Spiritual Retreats, Meditation Retreats and Law of Attraction Workshops in Sedona, Arizona; as well as life coaching services. Purchase our Meditation DVD and experience the healing power of meditation, a stronger connection to your spiritual guides and the ability to consciously create more effectively.

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Midwest Women's Herbal Conference

We will be promoting the Midwest Women's Herbal Conference and other events.
The booth will also include handmade herbal products crafted through Moonwise Herbs.

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Diane Anderson

Native and Spirit crafts, smudge feathers, feather fans, gem stone trees, dream catchers, spirit dolls. 

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Mystical Nancy

 Nancy L. Robinson, I have study Edgar Casey teachings, Rev. Anne Gehman in the Spiritualist Church, Morris Pratt Institute for pastoral care, all levels and Advanced levels of Pranic Healing under Master Stephen Co. I have been aware of my ability from the age of 8. Developed my Psychic/Medium skills through the Spiritualist Church and began doing Readings and Spiritual counseling in my 30's. I have been practicing Spiritual counseling, Psychic/Medium ship, Pranic Healing, Meditation, Past Life Regression and I teach classes and workshops about working with energy, healing, breath, meditation, worthiness, abundance, chakras, and more. I have an office in the Minneapolis area that I work out of.  I can do phone readings and distant healing. I am now studying to become a Certified Pranic Healer.

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Muse Zings with Sue Kosharek 

My paintings reflect my reconnection with the Divine Feminine energy. They have evolved as a vessel for personal and collective healing and spiritual growth. I share these images to feed the imagination, reminding us of the great mysteries of life, and to feel the presence of possibility and the unknown.

Let us feed the spirit and soul with unconditional love, wisdom, unity, hope.

Mel's Little Creatures

I primarily sell handmade jewelry, as well as hand-corcheted items such as fingerless mitts, shawls, and hats. Many of my jewelry items have words or sayings hidden on them. These words and sayings are meant to be inspirational, funny, or in some way meaningful to the wearer of the jewelry.  I try to ensure that each piece of jewelry is unique, just like the person wearing it, so no two items are ever identical.  

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Teaki Garcia, Artist

Fine art, Original fiber and multi, Media sculpture, Photography and Painting celebrating SE MN


LuAnn Buechler

I will be promoting Positive Mindset Coaching (PMC) with the use of the BodySound Chair.

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Third Eye Tribal

We strengthen, inspire and connect women through dance.  

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Diversity Council

Information about diversity education.

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Thistle Farms

Natural home and body products handmade by women survivors of trafficking, prostitution and addiction.

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Aura Photos by Annette

Everyone has an Aura. It’s the energy field that surrounds all of us and has different colors associated with it depending on the personality and current state of the soul of the person it emanates from. Knowing your Aura colors is one of the most powerful tools you can use in understanding your personality traits, relationships and for self-discovery. Getting to know this awesome tool can help you with positive personal growth, career choices and remarkable insight regarding your true life purpose. Our Digital Aura and Chakra Imaging System allows you to see your energy field displayed in color on a computer screen before your photo is captured and a report of the true meaning of your energy field is printed out. In the multi-page report, you will learn about the specific color and energy frequencies in your Aura and what they say about you!

Young Living Essential Oils with Rebecca Schwen

Young Living grows and distills pure essential oils used to support every system in the body, from endocrine system (hormones), limbic system (emotions), immune system, and more.  I educate and empower folks to learn about how essential oils play a part in whole body wellness.




ECKANKAR, The Path of Spiritual Freedom - Come discover the spiritual adventure of a lifetime.  We have free information at our booth about past lives, dreams, and soul travel as well as various other topics including spiritual wisdom on health and healing, life after death, and karma and reincarnation.  Contemplate on a question and spin our spiritual wisdom wheel to see what answer you get.

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jason pottorff and laura gantenbrien

Jason Pottorff uses the healing powers of stones to create natural stone jewelry and talismans. He also will be giving Tarot readings. Laura Gantenbrien of Laurel Tree makes real four leaf clover items to bring good luck.



Mad Girlz Lab Creations

Hand-crafted organic castile-style liquid soaps along with hand-crafted organic bath and beauty aids. (i.e. eye cream, bath bombs, healing lip balms etc.)

Kundalini Awakening Systems

We will be sharing information about Kundalini, the untapped source of divinity within us all, waiting to be awakened. We have printed materials to offer and the current schedule of events , including a Kundalini Awakening Seminar Oct 28, 29 in Mankato. The schedule includes as well, 4 evening talks by the seminar teacher the Mon-Thurs the week before (in Rochester, Mankato and the Twin Cities). We have CDs to sell of the teacher's words and music ($12). We offer blessings to visitors to the booth.


Soul Inspirations

Soul Inspirations: Carole Cravath (B.A.) has 30 years of experience in the fields of Counseling, Teaching, Healing, Intuitive Readings, Social Work and Cultural Diversity. 

She currently teaches the powerful Perceptive Awareness Technique which bridges the Intuitive and Conceptual minds for rapid unfoldment of accurate Intuition (our Super-Intelligence) in 3 days. Check her website for workshop dates. Contact her for Intuitive Readings and Counseling as well as for Healing at (507) 287-0884

franciscan sisters of perpetual adoration

We are a group of more than 275 affiliates who are carrying on the mission of the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration in our daily lives. We are focused on spiritual growth, care of the Earth, justice, peace, and love for all. We are spiritual collaborators, joined in sacred relationship, supporting one another to radically live the Gospel and transform the world. We are always open to new members who are ready to embrace this journey with us! 

More information can be found here:  

Sophia Riona Gold: Psychic, Energy Worker, Reiki Master

Sophia will be performing 15 minute psychic readings, as well as 15 minute reiki aura cleanses. She also will offer handcrafted reiki-infused crystal jewelry for purchase.


Service group of the Hindu Samaj Temple, Rochester MN. Provides support, networking, awareness and resources for women by women.

Sathya Sai International Organization (ssio)

The Sathya Sai International Organization (SSIO) is a non-denominational voluntary organization based in 126 countries. Its members come from all faiths and share a common goal: to reach the ultimate goal of realization of their innate divinity by practicing the teachings of love and service taught by their spiritual teacher, Sathya Sai Baba.

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intercultural mutual assistance association (imaa)

IMAA builds bridges between cultures by supporting people in transition through multi-cultural services.

IMAA was founded as a nonprofit organization in Rochester, Minnesota in 1984 to respond to the complex needs of thousands of refugees resettling to the area from war-torn Southeast Asia. IMAA provides culturally and linguistically appropriate support services that foster the well-being and independence of refugees and immigrants in their new home.  These services span the spectrum of need and range from employment to interpreting; health care access to vocational training; social services to victim services.

Revealing Fate

Kyle Snyder provides readings in Ancient Chinese Astrology of Four Pillars of Destiny (Ba Zi).